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What is “managed WordPress hosting”? Lies. All lies.

WARNING: My inner snark will be on full display. I’ve been in hosting for over a decade, and so I’ve seen a lot of stuff, a lot of changes in how things are packaged, how things are marketed, and I’m sick of it. It’s time to drop some truth on it. Lots of companies/people over

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Not offering hosting in your agency? You should, here’s why.

I talk with a lot of agencies on a daily basis, and one common issue that I come across is that many agencies don’t offer hosting. For the agencies that don’t, they often have perfectly valid reasons for not offering hosting. These are the problems that I hear most: I don’t know enough about hosting,

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Guide to pricing hosting in your agency

As the founder of the Hosting Coalition, I talk to agencies every day, and one of the most frequent questions I get is how should hosting be priced? If you’re not offering hosting, you really should, here’s why. In order to get a clear picture how to price, we really have to look at the industry

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